Water Damage and Drywall Repair

Roof Repair
Take it from the Experts - ROOF MAINTENANCE is a MUST! 

Making sure your roof is sound and secure is incredibly important, yet many homeowners neglect their roofs. Like everything in your home, it requires maintenance.

If you haven't had your roof inspected recently, we're here to help. Maintaining your roof is a low-cost way of ensuring that your home – and your family – stay safe



  • Fascia Board replacement


  • Commercial Roofing and Repair

  • Tile Roof Leak Repair

  • Shake roofs

  • Wood roofs


  • Roof Inspection 

  • Fence Replacement

  • ​Deck Repair

  • Quality Exterior Painting

  • Home Repairs

  • ​Section 1 repair in Sacramento

  • Dry Rot replacement in Folsom

  • Expert Roof Repair in Eldorado Hills

  • Roof Leak Repair in Elk Grove Ca

  • ​Roof Repair in South Lake Tahoe

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Dry Rot Replacement in Folsom and Beyond

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  Dry Rot is a huge problem on the west coast with the damp air getting into the wood frame of your home. Once dry rot starts it just keeps decaying the wood more and more each year until the wood has no structural strength left and begins to fail. The only way to get rid of dry rot is to cut it out and completely remove it! Best way to keep your home protected from our moist air is routine PAINTING. Elite Roof Repair and Home Services specializes in Dry rot replacement in Folsom and Surrounding Cities including Roof Replacement in Elk Grove

When it comes to a leaky roof CALL THE EXPERTS!


Most Roofing contractors specialize in installing new roofs. NOT US!

 We SPECIALIZE in REPAIRING their Mistakes!

 Most homes were built using non-union workers and the quality is very poor. Through our years of fixing mistakes and shortcuts these contractors took while your home was being built, we have seen it all!

 Small inexpensive shortcuts that may have saved the Roofing contractors a few dollars here and there are coming back to bite homeowners in their wallet for much more than the few dollars!

TILE ROOFS are the most Likely to Leak! They are however sold as a Lifetime roof. They just forgot to tell you they require annual maintenance to ensure they remain leak free. Tiles come loose, Slide Down, Break and even cause water dams which allows the water barrier to become damaged by the sun and rain, sooner than later it will leak if not properly maintained.




Water Damage Repair

Once water gets to the insulation and Dry wall there is no choice but to remove it before BLACK MOLD begins Spreading throughout your home. We not only Fix the Roof we can repair the rest of the damage as well. This eliminates the need to call in several different contractors. We can Have your home looking like nothing even happened!

  • Roof Maintenance from $299

  • Leak Repair from $400

  • Siding Replacement

  • Tile Roof Repair Specialist

  • Dry Rot Replacement

  • Full guarantee on ALL repairs

Cedar Shake Roof Maintenance

Wood Shingle Roofs need routine maintenance after their 1st 15 years as they become dry and brittle. Once shakes Dry out and start warping they are prone to leaking.

 We recommend a full maintenance and conditioning treatment every 5 years to keep your shake roof in good condition.

​Cedar shake repair prices start at $450

​Shake roof restoration is $1 per sq ft.