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There Are Several Types of FLAT ROOFS

 Flat roof materials have changed since the old tar and gravel or BUR roofing, Now there are several other options when it comes to Flat roof replacement.

The older buildings were done with HOT TAR or BURR roofing and most lasted around 20 years. These roofs are LEAK PRONE as they REQUIRE ANNUAL MAINTENANCE! The Summer Heat expands and melts the tar. When the cold weather comes the tar shrinks and cracks especially around heat exhaust vents. Because these roofs are mainly flat the water doesn't run off and pools up in low spots. Eventually these low spots get softer in every winter until the water begins to penetrate the material and enter the attic. Most leaks can only be temporarily patched and start at $400.00

TPO or SINGLE PLY ROOFING is the latest and Greatest flat roof material available. These single ply materials are similar to a Swimming Pool Liner in above ground pools. A PVC Liner that is Heat welded together to ensure it remain leak free. Imagine a swimming pool liner screwed down over your roof then heat welded over the screws. NO WATER CAN PENETRATE through this material however the main concerns for these new materials are durability. When installing a new TPO roof we recommend installing a 1/2" foam insulation board down first then laying the TPO over the Soft Insulation board. This keeps small items from poking thru this material when walking over it to perform maintenance. TPO roofs only require maintenance every 5 years. STANDARD TPO INSTALLATION PRICES START @ $6.00 sq foot

TORCH DOWN ROOFING is a material made up of soft rubber that is melted together with a torch to become a full welded sheet of rubberized roof materials. Torch Down is a very durable roofing material than can be used on roofs or balconies that are walked on constantly as it has a thick rubber base with colored granules integrated into the top coat.

 One of the better overall materials for flat roof applications


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