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Most people do not know how to walk on tile roofs without breaking the tiles. In the picture you see over 200 broken roof tiles that happened because of a termite company walking on the roof! If you have had a Dish or solar panels installed you probably have broken tiles.

  We recently had some small earthquakes that are barely noticeable to us however just a small tremble will cause roof tiles to break. We offer Full roof inspection for only $99! Don't Wait until it's too late get an inspection Now.

Most Tile roof leaks and Dry rot are caused by POOR Installations and shortcuts by the "Licensed Contractor" who originally installed the roof. Just because a company is licensed by the state doesn't mean they will do the job correctly nor still be in business when the roof they installed FAILS.

​ When it is time to fix their mistakes make sure you call the Roof Repair Experts!

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Broken Roof Tiles

The 2nd Leading cause of Tile Roof Leaks is Sliding and Broken roof tiles. Tiles break for a variety of reasons: Wind and Ground Movement are the two leading causes and can not be prevented!

TILES WILL BREAK and when they do they leave your home exposed to the elements. Typically it will take a year or two for your roof to start leaking when there is a broken tile or tiles that have slid down past their original placement. If these tiles remain open or broken it causes more and more damage to the water barrier and your home!

Standard Tile Roof Maintenance starts at $249.00 + $15 per replacement Tile.

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Tile roofs leak more than any roof

Tile Roofs are considered a "Lifetime" roof, However Tile Roofs leak more than any other roof! Therefore, you need a professional service provider like us to handle your slate roof repair issues. There are several reasons Tile Roofs Leak and Most of the time these leaks could have been avoided with a general maintenance service. Elite Specializes in roof leak repair, roof flashing repair, and Valley flashing replacement.

TILE ROOF VALLEYS have a few issues that can cause leaks. Older tile roofs have Flat Valley Flashing installed, which allows rain water to flow under the roof tiles and into your home. In the pictures seen here the debris builds up until the rain water has no were to go except under the tiles and into your home. Two Ways to fix this issue:

#1- CLEAN YOUR VALLEYS every 3-5 years


Crown valleys were built specifically for TILE ROOFS to keep water flowing down the flashings and into the gutters. These Crown Valleys have several channels that divert water down and out of the valley. If they get clogged you still have extra channels for the water to run down were as the flat valleys have no added protection. Typical price to Replace Valley flashings with new crown valleys is-$30 per linear foot.