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Older Style flat valley on left (very leak prone)

New Crown Style Valley on Right (Controls Water Flow)

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  • Elite Roof Repair in Folsom

  • Roof Repair in Elk Grove

  • ​Siding Repair and Replacement

  • Exterior Painting in South Lake Tahoe

  • ​Fence Replacement in Sacramento

  • ​Commercial Roof Maintenance


Your ROOF protects your Home and family!

Making sure your roof is sound and leak free is incredibly important, yet many homeowners neglect their roofs. Most believe a tile roof is a "Lifetime Roof" with no Roof Maintenance required but actually ALL Roofs Require maintenance, ESPECIALLY TILE ROOFS!

Elite Roof Repair in Folsom Specializes in Tile Roof Repair throughout the Sacramento Region including El Dorado Hills , Roseville, Rocklin, Elk Grove and Natomas. 


Maintaining your roof is a low-cost way of ensuring that your home – and your family – stay safe. Tiles Break, Valleys get clogged, and if you have had Solar or satellite dish installed recently you probably have broken roof tiles. The picture to the left is from a roof with over 200 broken roof tiles due to someone walking on the roof who obviously didn't know how!

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Elite Roof Repair in Elk Grove specializes in Dry Rot and Termite damage repair. Roof Repair in Folsom and Roof Leak Repair in El Dorado Hills 


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​Elite Roof Repair in Elk Grove - Flat Roof Repair in Folsom - Dry Rot Replacement in Eldorado Hills

Shake Roof Repair in Fair Oaks

​Flat Roof Repair in Sacramento


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Residential and Commerical repairs

Elite Roof Repair in Folsom specializes in roof leak repair in Elk Grove - Rocklin - Roseville - Natomas - El Dorado Hills and Dry Rot Replacement throughout Sacramento

shake roof repair

​Elite Roof Repair Specializes in Tile Roofing and Dry Rot

ROOF Repair specialist  


Most tile roofs over 10 years old were not installed properly!

ALL Tile roofs should have crown valleys installed to eliminate leaks due to debris blockage. See the picture on left (flat valley FULL of debris) and New Crown Valley on right to control debris buildup.

​Valley replacement starts at $40 per linear foot.

​Tile Roof Repair in Folsom​ - Sacramento - El Dorado Hills


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Elite Roof Repair in Folsom Specializes in Roof Leak Repair